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Stuffing Boxes – Fig G, Double Pack, Single Pack
1500 – 3000 PSI, 11/8″ thru 13/8″” Low
and High Temp
Pumping Tees – 1500 – 5000 PSI
23/8″ Thru 31/2″ 8rd
Male & Female Configurations
Polished Rod Clamps:
Series 13-S Single Bolt: 11/8″-11/2″
Series 13-D Double Bolt: 11/8″-11/2″
Series 13-T Triple Bolt: 11/8″-11/2″
Series 25 Large 1 Bolt: 11/8″-11/2″
Series 40 Large 2 Bolt: 11/8″-13/4″
Stuffing Box Packing
11/8″-13/4″ Low and High Temp Cone
Packing Available in: Teflon, High
Temp Brass, Special Lube Soft
Cone, Hi-Temp Brass 350° F Max.
Well Heads & Tubing Heads
Large Variety of Sizes and
Configurations to Meet Your

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